11 Reasons a Commercial Solar Power System is Great for Business

Commercial solar power system

By installing a commercial solar power system and joining Quantum Energy’s Virtual Energy Network you will start seeing the benefits immediately:

  1. Reduce your energy bill by an average of 40%.
  2. Monetise your roof space – receive yearly leasing fees for the entirety of the agreement.
  3. See an immediate reduction in operating costs and increase in your profit margin.
  4. Insulate your businessfrom energy price rises.
  5. On a global scale you are doing your bit towards achieving carbon reduction targets.
  6. Attract and retain longer term tenants by offering them cheap renewable energy – giving yourself a competitive advantage.
  7. If you are in a multi-tenanted building – all owners/tenants can benefit from the commercial solar power system – even if they do not have a roof over their property.
  8. Increase your edge over your competitors by reducing your operating costs.
  9. Boost your NABERS energy ratings.
  10. Create a positive brand image.
  11. Quantum Energy is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

If you own a commercial property, are a tenant or own an agricultural property reach out to us now to find out how Quantum Energy can help you.


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