Budget announcement good for renewable energy

Commercial solar installer

Quantum Energy welcomes the NSW Government’s announcement it will invest $1.8 billion to put the state’s renewable energy roadmap back on track.

Quantum Energy Founder and Managing Director Pete Gardiner says the whole community would reap the long-term benefits and flow-on effects from the government’s significant commitment to renewable energy.

“We are pleased the government is showing such strong commitment. We want more businesses in NSW to have access to choices about generating and using energy, like joining Quantum Energy’s Virtual Energy Network,” he said.

The government’s budget this month will announce funding for a $1 billion Energy Security Corporation which will back commercial projects and invest in storage projects that boost the reliability of the state’s electricity network, as well as addressing gaps in the market as NSW transitions to renewables. 

This could include investing in community batteries and virtual power plants that pool electricity generated from rooftop solar, the government says.

NSW Minister for Energy Penny Sharpe said: “We’re not just investing in large, grid-scale projects. We want to give households and communities more power to make choices about how they generate and use energy. That’s why the Energy Security Corporation will invest in projects like community batteries to help more households use their rooftop solar to become self-sufficient.”

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