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Quantum Energy is one of Australia’s most forward-thinking collaborations bringing together leaders and innovators at the top of the renewable energy industry.

Launching in NSW in 2023 and with plans to expand to other States and Territories, Quantum’s Virtual Energy Network (VEN) is part of the global trend towards clean technology supporting a low-carbon future.

Quantum Energy CEO Peter Gardiner says the company is among the first in Australia to be able to sell clean energy distributed through the VEN to anywhere in the State.

“This is the way of the future for Australian businesses. We are actively helping companies to decarbonise their operations,  and save up to 40% on their energy bills,” he says.

“The Virtual Energy Network is a digital platform that manages and moves around renewable energy and enables businesses to reduce their reliance on the traditional power grid.”

“We are proud to be guiding businesses on the benefits of power-sharing. The whole community benefits when their surplus energy goes back into the Virtual Energy Network for others in the network to buy cost-effectively.”

“We find suitable premises, install solar on the roofs at zero cost and sell our energy two ways –   behind the meter to the tenant that occupies that property or by sending any excess to the Virtual Energy Network and selling it to anyone who is a part of our VEN,” he said.

“Businesses who join our VEN benefit by being an energy generator, but even if they don’t have suitable premises to take the solar kit, they can join the VEN as a consumer and save money.”

Quantum’s retail energy partner is Momentum Energy, one of the world’s greenest power companies, owned by Hydro Tasmania. 

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