About Us

Quantum Energy is proud to be one of Australia’s first clean energy distributors, working with leaders and innovators in the renewable energy industry to support a low-carbon future.

Our wholly-owned Australian company based in New South Wales sells clean energy to businesses anywhere in the state through our Virtual Energy Network (VEN).

The VEN is a digital platform that moves renewable energy around a network and enables businesses to reduce their reliance on the traditional energy grid.

All the shared electricity on the VEN comes from clean, green, solar generation. We install rooftop solar free of charge at business premises enabling companies to start generating clean energy. If you don’t have suitable premises, you can still make the switch to a VEN as a consumer and save money.

Quantum Energy takes the hassle out of switching energy providers.  We manage all planning and logistics, providing the onsite solar works at the customer’s premises with our qualified and experienced installation team. Our secure, resilient network is backed by Power Purchase Agreements lasting 15 years.

Quantum Energy’s retail partner is Momentum Energy, one of the world’s greenest power companies, owned by Hydro Tasmania.

Our Mission

"Quantum Energy aims to enable businesses to thrive using clean, green energy, saving electricity costs and reducing their carbon footprint. "

Businesses are telling us they want to save money on their power bills by generating clean energy right at their premises. Being part of the network allows us to provide greater benefits to our clients, plus they see the community and social benefit of sharing the excess energy.” “Not only are companies decarbonising their operations by switching to clean energy, they also save anywhere up to 40 per cent on their energy bills

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