ESG the new business revolution

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More and more businesses today are developing ESG (environmental, social and governance) policies.

When you set goals for ESG your business can do good things for the planet, and also be very successful.

Implementing ESG reporting into your business helps you to be more environmentally friendly and is well regarded by clients, investors and supporters. Growth, profit and sustainability are the triple play.

One of the most effective ways to satisfy your environmental goals is to adopt solar power and reduce your carbon footprint.

Making the switch to solar energy greatly – and measurably – reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

For businesses moving to the Quantum Virtual Energy Network using solar power, the start-up investment cost is zero – as Quantum provides the solar assets at no cost.

Quantum Energy CEO Peter Gardiner says, “When our business customers sign up to the Virtual Energy Network they are showing their leadership in climate change action and also contributing to their ESG.

“A Virtual Energy Network enables you to manage energy in the most innovative ways. Your business won’t just be using energy, it will be an energy generator and you may even create a surplus that can help other companies contribute to their ESG goals.”

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