Go electric to save money and help meet emissions target, says government

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Many Australians would have been surprised at the Victorian government’s announcement in July that it won’t be approving planning permits for homes powered by gas.

The government has announced a decision to phase out gas connections for new homes from January 2024. It says new Victorian households will save up to $1,000 off their annual energy bills while reducing household emissions.

Planning permits for new homes and residential subdivisions will only connect to all-electric networks, with houses taking advantage of more efficient, cheaper and cleaner electric appliances.

Quantum Energy CEO Peter Gardiner said the government’s move may have shocked some people who were not expecting planning changes to happen so quickly.

“It might feel like a big shake-up for the planning system, and come as a shock to the community, but is an indication of the significant steps governments are taking to meet emissions targets,” he said. “Moving to electric for new builds encourages people to take advantage of the major advances in renewable energy sources like solar power.”

Victoria has the highest use of residential gas in Australia, with around 80 per cent of homes connected.

The gas sector contributes about 17 per cent of the state’s emissions, and the move to electric systems is a key element of meeting Victoria’s nation leading emissions reduction targets of 75–80 per cent by 2035 and net zero by 2045.

Mr Gardiner said Quantum Energy was helping businesses to plan for the future by developing a strategy to convert to solar and join a virtual energy network (VEN).

“When you join a virtual energy network you are operating independently of the traditional electricity grid.

“You become an energy generator and contribute to the network while also saving up to 40% on your power bills.”

He said Quantum Energy is now not only operational NSW but also in South Australia, Victoria, ACT and Queensland and supplies and installs solar panels for free at business premises when they join the VEN.

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