If you own commercial property, now you can afford to go green

Commercial solar installer

As more and more businesses are working hard to reduce their environmental footprint, green industrial and commercial buildings are increasingly attractive.

Buildings that have been constructed with sustainability in mind may already have solar panels, energy-efficient heating and cooling and LED lights, but even an older building can be equipped with energy-saving features.

For the building owner, it’s never too late to take steps to make their office buildings, plants and warehouses more eco-friendly.

An important first step may be to ensure the building has solar energy panels installed on the rooftop.

The building is then an energy-generator, enabling the tenants to access cheaper power and demonstrating the eco-credentials of the property owner.

Quantum Energy CEO Peter Gardiner says: “Our clients who are property owners say joining our virtual energy network is a great boost to energy ratings for their building.

“So that makes the building more attractive to prospective tenants, and less susceptible to turnover, which saves times and resources in the long run,” he says.

Peter says property owners can afford to be proactive about energy generation through solar, as using Quantum Energy means they can have their solar panels installed at no cost.

He said adding renewable energy to commercial buildings has high value returns as owners:

  • Maximise the rental income
  • Increase the property’s value
  • Boost the properties NABERS energy ratings

“Most importantly, when you own or are a tenant of a green building producing solar power, you are making a direct contribution to achieving Australia’s new emissions target of net zero emissions by 2050  – and that is both professionally rewarding and personally satisfying,” he said.

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