NABERS launch a Renewable Energy Indicator

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Quantum Energy’s Virtual Energy Network qualifies businesses to enhance their NABERS energy ratings.

NABERS Energy ratings are a measure of the energy efficiency of a building, so onsite renewable energy is considered an energy efficiency measure and contributes to the performance of the building.

NABERS has launched a Renewable Energy Indicator to better recognise and reward all-electric buildings that are purchasing 100% renewable energy.

From 06 June 2023, all NABERS Energy ratings certificates will also include the Renewable Energy Indicator, which displays the proportion of the building’s energy that comes from on-site renewable energy generated, as well as off-site renewable energy procured.

Multiple organisations, including the Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change, the International Energy Agency and ClimateWorks, have said buildings must be electrified in order to achieve a decarbonised economy.

Recent research from the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council found that “100% electrification with renewable electricity was… the lowest cost, fastest emissions reduction pathway for Australia’s built environment.”

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